Operations Bureau

Captain Dunalp Pic.jpg

Captain Troy Dunlap

As the Operations Bureau Commander, Captain Dunlap is responsible for all uniformed Patrol personnel, who respond to calls for service, as well as the Department’s Canine (K-9) Officers, Special Enforcement Teams (Bike Patrol), Mental Health Evaluation Team, UAV/Drone Program and the Department’s “Type 1” Jail facility. Captain Dunlap is also responsible for our Traffic Division, which includes Motors, Accident Investigations, Commercial Enforcement, Parking Enforcement, Animal Services and Red Light Photo Enforcement. 

Maintaining the best emergency response time possible to the Culver City community is the paramount goal of the Operations Bureau.  In working to sustain that high-level of service, each Patrol Shift has officers assigned to each of the City’s five Patrol Districts, which helps the Culver City Police Department maintain an impressive emergency response time of around three and one half minutes.

Captain Dunlap acts as the appointing authority for all personnel under his command and reports directly to the Assistant Chief of Police.


Captain Dunlap grew up in Culver City and graduated from Culver City High School. He has been a member of the Culver City Police Department since 2002, when he was hired as a Police Officer. During his time as a Police Officer, Captain Dunlap worked as a Patrol Officer, and as an investigator with our Crime Impact Team, Field Training Officer, and our Robbery-Homicide Section. 

In 2010, Captain Dunlap was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. As a Sergeant, Captain Dunlap worked Patrol and Detectives.

Captain Dunlap was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant in the year 2014. As a Lieutenant, Captain Dunlap served as a Patrol Watch Commander, Community Services Lieutenant, and as the Administrative Lieutenant. As part of these assignments, Captain Dunlap conducted internal administrative investigations and served as our Department’s media and community relations liaison. 

Captain Dunlap holds a Master's Degree from the University of San Diego in Law Enforcement and Public Safety Leadership as well as a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Administration from California State University Fresno. He has attended numerous professional development programs including, The Los Angeles Police Department’s Leadership Program, Public Safety Leadership Program-University of Southern California (USC), and California Command College Class #66).

Captain Dunlap has been the recipient of several department awards, including the Sustained Superiority Award, the Distinguished Service Medal, and the “David Shaby” Career Achievement Award.