Youth Development and Diversion Program (YDD)

Youth Diversion and Development (YDD) program


In 2017, the division of Youth Diversion and Development (YDD) was established within the Los Angeles County Office of Diversion and Reentry. This division focuses on advancing youth development in Los Angeles County and implementing a model youth diversion that empowers community-based organizations as the providers of individualized care coordination with the goal of equitably reducing young people’s involvement with the criminal justice system.

The Culver City Police Department began participating with the Youth Diversion and Development (YDD) program in 2019, which is in partnership with the  Youth Advocate Program (YAP). YAP provides youth with mentor-based educational and enrichment programs with the goal of realigning youth offenders on a positive and successful path in life. Upon attending YAP, youth receive training to make better decisions that could impact their life forever.