Complaint Reporting Procedure

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Procedure for Complaints by Members of the Public

The Culver City Police Department in compliance with California Penal Section 832.5 has established a procedure to investigate complaints against employees of the department. This following describes that procedure.

The Department’s procedures are designed to fairly and equitably investigate complaints against department personnel, and to detect and take corrective actions against employees who conduct themselves improperly. It is also intended to protect police personnel from false complaints.

It is the objective of this department to provide a prompt and expeditious resolution of investigations regarding the conduct of department employees. A thorough investigation will be made pursuant to allegations of misconduct.

Complaint Forms

Who Can File a Complaint?

Anyone who is directly involved or witnesses an incident may file a complaint. This may include a parent or representative of an involved party.

Who to Contact?

 Complaints will be directed to the employee’s immediate supervisor, if available, or the on-duty watch commander who can be reached at (310) 253-6202.

How Can a Complaint be Filed?

Complaints will be accepted in person, in writing or by telephone. The complainant will be asked to give the names of all the parties and witnesses involved. The complainant will also be asked to give a complete and thorough statement.

Who Will Investigate the Complaint?

Under normal circumstances, the complaint will be investigated by the employee’s immediate supervisors. The investigation will be reviewed by department management personnel to insure its thoroughness. The complete investigation, including any management recommendations, will be forwarded to the Chief of Police.

Who Makes the Final Decision?

The Chief of Police, after reviewing all aspects of the investigation, will make the final decision as to the validity of the complaint, and if sustained, what action will be taken by the Police Department.

Will All Parties Be Notified?

Both the person making the complaint and the employee involved will be notified in writing of the findings at the completion of the investigation. State law prohibits the disclosure of specific information regarding personnel actions involving police officers.