Photo Enforcement


The Culver City Red Light Photo Enforcement Program was started in March 1999. It became fully operational in January 2000. Red light cameras have been shown to substantially reduce red light violations. 

You can contact our Red-Light Photo Enforcement Section for inquiries into the program or to make an appointment to view your citation at (310) 253-6269

Santa Monica Court (310) 255-1964.


There are a total of 20 approaches at 12 intersections. Locations and map as follows:
  • Washington Blvd. / Beethoven St. (2 approaches)
  • Washington Pl. / Centinela Ave. (1 approach)
  • Washington Blvd. / La Cienega Blvd. (1 approach)
  • Jefferson Blvd. / Duquesne Ave. (2 approaches)
  • Jefferson Blvd. / Overland Ave. (1 approach)
  • Jefferson Blvd. / Cota St. (1 approach)
  • Sepulveda Blvd. / Slauson Ave. (2 approaches)
  • Sepulveda Blvd. / Green Valley Circle (2 approaches)
  • Slauson Blvd. / Buckingham Pkwy. (2 approaches)
  • National Blvd. / Washington Blvd. (2 approaches)
  • Overland Ave. / Washington Blvd. (2 approaches)
  • Sepulveda Blvd. / Washington Blvd. (2 approaches)
Over the past several years there has been considerable commercial development throughout the City and the volume of vehicles that travel our roads has increased. Culver City streets have become major regional thoroughfares on the West side of Los Angeles and are being utilized by motorists attempting to avoid congested freeways in the area.

Based on new commercial businesses, vehicular congestion, as well as pedestrians and bicyclists that pass through and around the intersections at Overland Avenue and Washington Boulevard, Sepulveda Boulevard and Washington Boulevard and through National Boulevard and Washington Boulevard, CCPD decided that the red-light camera program would be best served by installing photo enforcement equipment at these intersections. Rather than just increase the overall size of our program, we looked at intersections with lower traffic volume and/or fewer red light running incidents and sought to relocate those cameras to intersections with higher traffic volume and congestion (vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists) so to have a greater impact on deterring red light running incidents and improve traffic and pedestrian safety to those areas.

The program currently operates photo enforcement equipment at twelve intersections with twenty approaches. 


Red Light Camera System

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death among Americans 1-34 years old. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the total societal cost of crashes exceeds $230 billion annually. Contributing to the death toll are alcohol, speed, and various other driver behaviors plus the kinds of vehicles people drive and the roads on which they travel. 

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 22 percent of all traffic accidents in the United States are caused by drivers running red lights. Every year, these accidents kill some 800 people and rack up an estimated $7 billion dollars in property damage, medical bills, lost productivity and insurance hikes. And this sort of traffic violation seems to be on the rise. In many areas, red-light violations have increased by 10 percent or more since the 1980s. 

Cameras have been shown to substantially reduce red light violations.

Yellow Phases

According to the California Vehicle Code section 21455.7 (a), “...the minimum yellow light change interval shall be established in accordance with the Traffic Manual of the Department of Transportation.”

The yellow phases in Culver City are in compliance with the traffic manual so at an intersection with a speed limit of 35 mph, the yellow phase is 4.3 seconds, at an intersection with a speed limit of 40 mph, the yellow phase is 4.7 seconds and at 45 mph the yellow phase is 5.1 seconds. Right and left turns have a yellow phase set at 3.9 seconds for 35 mph and 4.3 seconds for 40+ mph speed limits. 

Citations & Fines

Each citation that is issued for a red-light photo enforcement ticket is personally viewed by trained Culver City Police Officers or Civilian Analysts with traffic enforcement experience.

The fines with penalty assessment for a red-light violation, California Vehicle Code 21453, can go up to $490.00. If the citation is not paid within the prescribed period of time, a civil notice will be sent by the court possibly increasing the original fines.

Uniform Bail and Penalty Schedule(PDF, 3MB)

How to Pay, Extend, or Attend Traffic School Online

You can pay, extend, or attend traffic school by following the below instructions:

Santa Monica Court (310) 255-1964.

View the Video of the Violation

You can watch a video of the violation online, or you can schedule an appointment to view your citation in person. 

View Online:
Visit the Photo Notice website.
You will need the citation number, license plate number and the city code. CUL is the city code for Culver City.  
The video is only in the system for 60 days after the violation. 

View In Person:
Contact our Red-Light Photo Enforcement Section at (310) 253-6269 to make an appointment to view your citation. 

If You Were NOT The Driver

If you are not the person depicted driving the vehicle, please complete an Affidavit of Non-Liability and check the appropriate box stating that you either sold the vehicle prior to the violation date and include the new owner’s name, address and other requested information, or simply name the person who was driving the vehicle on the date of the violation. 

Download the Affidavit of Non-Liability form(PDF, 25KB)

Send affidavit to:
Traffic Enforcement Office
P.O. BOX 42034
Phoenix, AZ. 85080