Automated License Plate Reader System

Automated License Plate Readers (ALPRs)

It is estimated that over 70 percent of crimes committed are associated with the use of a vehicle. ALPR technology has become an industry standard that has proven to be an effective and efficient way for law enforcement to detect, solve, prevent, and deter crime in an unbiased manner. Thousands of Law Enforcement Agencies across the nation are utilizing this emerging technology, with successful results.


ALPR systems function to automatically capture an image of a vehicle’s license plate and compare the license plate number acquired to one or more databases of vehicles of interest to law enforcement.

These state databases include the Stolen Vehicle System (SVS), National Crime Information Center (NCIC), Wanted Persons System (WPS), Missing and Unidentified Persons Systems (MUPS), as well as vehicles associated with Amber and Silver Alerts.

Once a vehicle of interest is identified, an alert is sent to patrol officers within seconds. The alert includes a picture of the vehicle, what the vehicle is wanted for, and the last known location, and direction of travel.

Community Benefits of ALPRs

  • Locate stolen vehicles that enter the city
  • Locate vehicles entering the city that are wanted in connection to felony crimes
  • Provide CCPD with investigative leads into crimes committed within the city
  • Detect vehicles associated with missing/at-risk persons (Amber/Silver alerts)
  • Mass Shooting Suspect Identified and Located

CCPD ALPR Policy/Privacy Rights

  • ALPR cameras are ONLY placed on public roadways and NEVER on private property.
  • There is NO live video streaming, and the cameras are NOT used for surveillance purposes.
  • ALPR cameras capture images of vehicles only, NOT individuals.
  • Facial recognition technology is NOT used on ALPR cameras and personal identifiable information such as names, addresses and dates of birth are NOT recorded, retained or shared by CCPD.
  • CCPD ALPR Policy/Privacy Rights

Access to ALPR data is restricted to only authorized users from the Police Department and can ONLY be accessed for official law enforcement purposes.

The ALPR data will NOT be stored or retained by the Culver City Police Department, beyond a period of 30 days. After 30 days, the data that is not associated with a criminal investigation will be permanently deleted.

For more information about the Culver City  ALPR Program, please review our ALPR Policy(PDF, 26KB).

View a recording of our recent ALPRs Community Meeting held on March 30th, 2023.

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