Partnerships In Policing

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It is the mission of the Partnership in Policing team to build a network of communication and trust between the Culver City Police Department and the community we serve; to identify community issues, concerns and problems that impact the quality of life for residents, businesses and visitors; with the goal of working together to find lasting, equitable, and long-term solutions.

The Partnership in Policing (PIP) Team was designed to have a diverse group of Police Officers at the forefront of continuing to foster, and enhance, the community partnerships that are so important to our Police Department. This team is comprised of six (6) officers and one (1) sergeant who are focused on providing a personalized police service to the community through collaboration with various entities, enhanced focus in addressing quality of life issues, continued participation in community outreach events, to attend Neighborhood Watch Meetings, as well as working along-side our Community Relations Lieutenant.

The six PIP Team Officers will also serve as District Liaisons for each of our city's five (5) districts, allowing each respective Officer to gain a more intimate knowledge of the different neighborhoods within these given districts, as well as any possible issues facing those neighborhoods.

If the PIP Team can assist you in addressing any of your quality-of-life issues in Culver City, please contact them via email at

 District  Neighborhoods / Area District Officers

District 1

Blair Hills / East End-Arts District

Rancho Higuera / Downtown CC

Officer Zuckerman - Residential

Officer Espitia - Business

District 2

Carlson Park / Studio Estates

Raintree, Tara Hills, Indianwood Complexes

Lindberg Park / Veteran's Park

 Officer Rock

 Officer Amador

District 3 

Clarkdale / West End  Officer Moss
District 4

Maytime Lane Complex / Culver Crest

Sunkist Park / Blanco Park

 Officer Aguilar
District 5 Fox Hills / Westfield Mall  Officer Aubrey