About the Chief of Police

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Chief Manuel Cid 

Chief Cid serves as the Police Chief for the Culver City Police Department. As the Police Chief, he is responsible for the overall planning, organizing, efficiency, and direction of all Department staff and operations. The Police Department is comprised of the following bureaus: the Office of the Chief of Police, the Patrol Bureau, the Special Operations Bureau, and the Administrations Bureau. The Police Chief is appointed by and reports directly to the City Council.



Chief Cid is a first-generation Cuban-American who grew up in the Long Beach and Downey area. Prior to his career in law enforcement, Chief Cid was a college student-athlete, competing in football and baseball. In 2005, Chief Cid was hired by the Culver City Police Department and attended the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Academy.  Upon completion of the police academy, Chief Cid spent a few years working patrol before being assigned to the Investigations Bureau, where he became a member of the Department’s Crime Impact Team and later represented the Police Department at the Cal-MMET major narcotics taskforce.

In 2012, Chief Cid was promoted to the rank of Sergeant.  As a Sergeant, Chief Cid had the opportunity to supervise the Gang Intelligence Unit, K-9 program, and the Field Training Program, before being assigned to command Group 1 of the LA IMPACT major narcotics taskforce, responsible for investigating large scale narcotics trafficking and money laundering organizations throughout the Southern California region.

In 2015, Chief Cid was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.  As a Lieutenant, Chief Cid served as a Watch Commander in Patrol and later the Administrative Lieutenant and Executive Officer working out of the Office of the Chief of Police. 

Chief Cid was promoted to the rank of Captain in 2018 and had the opportunity to lead the Operations Bureau initially, and later the Administrations Bureau.

In early June of 2020, Chief Cid was appointed as the Acting Chief of Police and served in this capacity until his official appointment, by the City Council, to serve as the Police Department’s 26th Chief of Police in May 2021.

Chief Cid possesses his Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science from Whittier College and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and Organizational Leadership from National University.  He is also a graduate of the Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute, the Los Angeles Police Department’s West Point Leadership Program, and the FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia.

Chief Cid serves as an Executive Board member for the LA IMPACT Taskforce and as a member on the LA County Committee on Alternatives to Crisis Response.  Chief Cid is also a member of the California Police Chief’s Association, LA County Police Chief’s Association, and the FBI’s National Academy Associates.

During his career, Chief Cid has been the recipient of several Department awards, including the Sustained Superiority Award, the Distinguished Service Medal, and the “David Shaby” Career Achievement Award.