School Resource Officer

Culver City Police Department has one School Resource Officer (SRO) assigned to all Culver City Unified and private schools within the city. There are a total of 9 Culver City Unified Schools and fourteen private educational institutions within the city. The SRO assists the school administrators in maintaining a safe environment while also fostering a close and positive relationship with the students, staff and parents. 

The SRO provides a highly visible presence on school campuses to help deter crime. The SRO helps address issues and concerns that the school administration encounters and approaches each incident with the intent of keeping students out of the justice system.

The SRO is a positive role model for youth and helps support and assist students to achieve success. Through consistent positive interaction between students and the SRO, students learn and understand what a police officer does and their role in society. The SRO helps provide crisis and emergency training to the faculty and staff. The SRO will also conduct informational presentations concerning emerging drug trends and other criminal issues children may be exposed to.


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