Hiring Process

Application Review

 All applicants are are required to complete an online application

Physical Agility Test (Qualifying)

The physical agility test consists of a 660 yard field course which consists of the following elements: a forty yard hill run, a 6 ft. cinder brick wall, three high and three low hurdles, a ten yard 165 lb. dummy drag, two balance beams, a ten foot chain link fence climb, and seventy yard sprint to the finish. The course is to be completed in under 4:00 minutes. Participants who fail to produce a qualifying time may have a second attempt at the end of the regular testing. 

The physical agility test is held at Bill Botts field at Culver City Park, 9910 Jefferson Blvd. Prior to taking the test, a walk through of the course will be consulted with all applicants and any questions regarding the test will be answered. 

Physical Agility Test Video

Written Test (Qualifying)

To measure reading comprehension, vocabulary, and writing skills.  

Appraisal Interview (Weighted at 100%)

To evaluate training, experience and personal qualifications. 

Polygraph, Background Investigation (Qualifying)

To determine sustainability for the position of peace officer.

Psychological Screening & Medical Examination (Qualifying)

Standard medical exam with a vision requirement of 20/100 or better without correction and 20/20 or better with correction in each eye. 

For more information, please contact our Personnel and Training department at (310) 253-6108.

* In order to participate in a ride along, you have to be in the testing process.