Chiefs Advisory Panel

What is it? The purpose of this panel is to provide a diverse, cross-section of the community’s perspective to the Police Chief on Police Department policy, chiefs badge.png procedures, new programs and equipment.  Meetings with the Chief will be scheduled quarterly or as needed.  The panel will provide opinions to the Chief on various issues. This feedback will be used to enhance the Department’s community policing efforts.

Who makes up the panel? The panel is representative of our Culver City Community including young adults, which are over the age of 16 and selected by CCUSD officials. City Employees who underwent GARE (Government Alliance on Race and Equality) training, blindly selected the panel based on the information in their applications. 

Panel Members:

Crystal Alexander, Joel Allan, Maya A., Stephanie Benjamin, Jerry Chabola, Vicki Daly Redholtz, Robert Esparza, Kimberly Griffin, Mara Herrbach, Eva Hooten, Marcus Huntley, Anne Jacobsen, Lisa Johnson, Carol Kramer, Summer McBride, Leslie Ostrin, Riyaz Qadri, Natalia S., Jewett Walker, Deborah Weinrauch, Andrew Weissman, Florence Yu and two members who wish to remain anonymous. 

For more information regarding the Chief's Advisory Panel please email Sergeant Edward Baskaron at