RIPA Reports

What Is the Racial Identity Profiling Act (RIPA)?

In 2015, the California Legislature passed AB 953, which requires state and local law enforcement agencies to collect data regarding stops of any individual detained by a Law enforcement Officer in the state of California. By law, this data shall be collected and reported to the California Department of Justice (DOJ) on an annual basis. The data that is collected and reported to the DOJ for every detention made by the Culver City Police Department includes the following:

  • The Date, time, and duration of the detention
  • The Location of the detention
  • The Perceived race or ethnicity of the person detained.
  • The Perceived gender of the person detained.
  • The Perceived age of the person detained.
  • The Reason for the stop
  • If the Stop was made in response to a radio call for service
  • The Actions taken by the officer during the detention.
  • And lastly the Results of the detention

This data is provided to a state RIPA board, consisting of 19 members that is over seen by the DOJ. This board reviews and analyzes stop data collected from law enforcement agencies every year and produces an annual report that provides an analysis of the data, as well as recommendations on best practices that can be used to eliminate racial and identity profiling, and to improve diversity and racial sensitivity in law enforcement.

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Below you can view the 2024 Community Listening Session that discusses the 2023 RIPA report.



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